365 Domain name

What is the current 365 domain?
When Microsoft build the 365 cloud for your school then everyone becomes part of the "@onmicrosoft.com" domain.
It separates out your school by putting "yourschoolName" in front of this making it an alias (geoffs@collingwoodAea.onmicrosoft.com).

  • This is OK if all your school having a "onmicrosoft.com" domain name is OK?
    If the answer is "Yes- it is OK" then please return to the main 365 provisioning page.
    << It is expected that most schools will keep the @onmicrosoft.com as when using SSO they will never actually see it >>
  • If it is NOT OK then we have to build a aliases domain and verify it ... so read on.

What is the issue?
Microsoft 365 like Google relies on having its own email system.
Some examples of common email systems are Google (GMail), 365 (Outlook), SmartNet, Applemail, Xtra etc

The best solution
The best solution is to have a different domain name for each system.
This will cost the school more but means that you will get the best of both worlds.

The "dominant solution.
The alternative is to have one email system as the main one
The other(s) email system would become aliases- servants of the main one.