Temp manual process

At present schools have to manually export the Crystal CSV file from NetAdmin/Provisioning group definition and import then it manually into Microsoft 365. In the future this will be scripted and happen automatically.

In the meantime here is how you do it manually ...

  1. Export the Crystal CSV file to the desktop (top right hand corner).
    1. Go to Crystal/NetAdmin/Provisioning Group Membership
    2. Select (tick) the group(s) you want to generate the CSV export for (do NOT click apply yet)
    3. In the filter line select the services
    4. Click export - and the CSV file is generated in the specific format required by that services (365, Hapara etc)
    5. Open up the CSV file and check that it makes sense.
      You will notice that it has changed the user name suffix to that of @onmicrosoft,.com

  2. Import the Crystal CSV file from your desktop into 365.
    1. Log onto 365 as a administrator.
    2. Click Admin > Office 365 >Users > Active Users
    3. Click Bulk add Bulk add. and add file.
    4. Select ... Sign-in status (allowed), Location (New Zealand), Select licences as appropriate and finally create accounts.
      The system will email you the results together with the passwords.

    Portal: https://portal.office.com/admin/default.aspx
Another consequence is that the Microsoft 365 cloud password is NOT synchronised to other passwords such as your network, Google etc.
This will happen once Crystal has completed its new interface.has completed its API (programming interface).
In the meantime the Microsoft 365 cloud password is stand alone.