Best Choice

Best Choice is self populating so a representative teachers (HoD)?) needs to log on here to establish Institution details and personal logon.
You MUST use exactly the same logon name on Best Choice as schools network name.
Users (students) also need to use exactly the same logon name.

Login  by going to directly and click on the Single Sign-on button?


  • It has taken a long time to get going as it is the first time we used the tertiary Identity management system.
    Users will have manual step thru the process the first time… then after if seems to self-enrol the user and things just happen from that point.
  • The bestchoice reports interface has a simple old csv file upload feature to batch load users into a class, that Sheila (Manager) uses a lot.
  • Production server logon
  • Development server logon (only for testing)