How do existing students login?

Single Sign On users coming from Crystal Identity Provider will now be able to login using the exact method as before i.e

Please note the change in my-career-portfolio, from just my-career. Users using the old url i.e with my-career should get redirected accordingly.

How do new students login?

New users (students) logging in from Single Sign On will now be provisioned and logged automatically. Before, students were asked to complete their sign-up.

What extra information is being captured?

Attributes such as DN and mleph_Organization is now also being captured for existing and new users.

How do users logout?

Single logout is currently not supported, which means students will be logged out of My Career Portfolio, however if they still have a valid session with Crystal IdP they will be logged back in.

How do users login without using Crystal IdP?

In order to initiate login for My Career Portfolio, it can either be done by visiting or from the Home page top right corner.

How is account registration handled for students using their school email address?

Users will no longer be able to sign up or register for My Career Portfolio if they are already provisioned using Single Sign On.

However, they can use the password reset feature if Crystal IdP is not available to them.