ETV Configuration


1. Go to Tuakiri -

2. Select NZ k12 education federation from left box.

3. Select IDP provider from right box and than click on select button.

4. Than they user their user id and password.


  • CEO:
    • Gresham Bradley
    • General Manager, 
    • Education Television and Video Communications Trust.
    • Ph 09-300-6880
    • Fax 09-300-6899
    • DDI 09-300-6888
    • Mob 021-473-741
  • Tech support:
    • Our contact here will be Kevin Zhong who is also our Web developer who has written most of eTV's code.
  • SSO tech:
    • Warner is our Manager of eTV web development and will be your contact for any SSO setup.
    • Warner Roberts <>
    • Please note that only Schools who are Subscribers to eTV can have SSO access.
    • Any School with Basic Service (free) must use our internal login system.

Test accounts:

  • Admin
  • You are an Account Coordinator.  Go to the Schools Kura dropdown list and select The Nelson Loop.
      • user name is: nelson loop
      • Password is: cairo2468
    • Also I gave Charles a login under eTV Administration.
    • I've also made Nayland a Subscribing School so any of their users can now access all services.
  • Student:
    • Geoff’s InfoPOP mail address
    • Test student cannot …
      • Download
      • Get Embedding codes
      • Once a programme is made a Favourite, cannot add Keywords or Related Materials but can add Comments.

The goal is to facilitate a Loop wide "Consortium" approach for Subscription sign up for the remainder of 2011, ie Terms 3 and 4 - Sept to end Jan 2012 when eTV renewals happen.

Benefits are:

  • No sign up fee is charged ($500 each school) if we set up everyone at once
  • Any School that signs up in advance of this "Consortium" deal going through would be retrospectively treated the same as the others,  and would then effectively get eTV for longer for the same rate as the others.
  • A reduced rate for the balance of 2011.  Normal fee is $2/EFTS/year, so we can be flexible on "rest of 2011" pricing if a group buy-in is achieved.  
  • You and I will negotiate this to something that is compelling enough to be attractive to Loop Schools but still gives eTV some revenue.
  • SSO is set up for all participating Loop Schools for their Staff to access eTV.
  • Under SSO, direct Student access to eTV is also therefore able to be given.

Dear The Nelson Loop,
This email confirms that eTV has set up a Generic Student Account for all Students at your school or tertiary to use. This account is accessed by Students, using the below username and password that you, as account coordinator, distribute to them.
Login Details
Your User Name is : the nelson loop student
Your Password is : iii2qvmr
Logging In
Go to, enter your User Name and Password and click the Login button.
Your Students have access to thousands of recorded programmes from more than 30 different channels as well as historic New Zealand newsreels and short films from the Archives New Zealand collection. Your Students can stream these videos but are not able to download them.
Your Students also have access to 24/7 Live Streams of international television including several foreign language channels. The Students can also buy downloads of selec ted programmes from New Zealand producers in the Shop. Payment is by credit card.
User Guide
An electronic user guide is available on the site.
Software and Technical Requirements
As account coordinator, you may have to advise your Students on software and technical issues. Effective use of eTV requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. To determine what version of Flash is on your computer, go to the Flash Version Test. This site will also allow you to download Flash if you haven’t got it or need to upgrade your version. The download is free.
Students may also have trouble viewing videos at school if there are firewalls and other security protocols in place on your network. This will have to be worked through with your IT or ICT department.
We hope that this service will be beneficial to you and we encourage any questions, comments and feedback you have.
Kind regards from the team at ETV
ETV Trust
Level 9, 60 Airedale St
Ph 09 300 6890
Fax 09 300 6899