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Simple Sign on to the Loop's Gppgle domain - as an example (more below) ...

  1. Logon from home (or anywhere in the work- no other Google stuff running just to make sure for the first logon)
  2. Site – click here:
  3. You MAY see a web page “Google Sites” … Choose “Logon to the Loop” (not usual)
  4. A web page with the Loop logo on will come up (you have been diverted to Single Sign On).
    1. Enter your name: "Loop Logon name"
    2. Drop down box choose “TheLoop”
    3. Password: "???"
    4. Click “log in”
  5. You should be on your Google Site on the Loop Google domain.

SSO and Google Hints ...

  1. Logon as an administrator to your Google domain and configure.
    • Change the URL' of the mail, sites and docs services to the suggested version.
    • Check there is a StudentTest and StudentTest so the IDP has accounts to test against.
    • Check GeoffS (Loop test account) is active and has administrator rights.
    • Administrator account: Make a Google admin account that is NOT in your LPAD (school ) network.
      Use the standard admin logon (/a/) to access this account (in a emergency) but use your SSO account for general use.
      The Loops automatic provisioning will not 'suspended (that is ignore) administrator accounts

  2. School have to turn on the SSO functionality in Google first.
    At present the SSO function is turned off.
    To turn it on you need to go to the Google admin SSO logon and turn it on OR you could Geoff to do this for you.
    Here is a shortcut to that admin SSO panel should you get lost trying to find it.
    ( ... just change Collingwood-area to your schools name in the link).
    Just turn this on when you are ready and you will be using SSO. Just logon to Google as per normal.
  3. Google excelent training resources.
  4. Postine services... read.
  5. Schools can populate Google themseleves from thier LDAP directory ... no Loop support however.

Special DNS note:

When setting up your Google domain DNS the Loop actually put a number of extra Cnames in. For example ...<br />
If you set these service URL up on your Google admin page then these links will work.


  • Gmail - nothing, probably should
  • Calendar - nothing, not worried that much
  • Contacts - regularly export a CSV (saved locally and into Google Docs)
  • Google Docs - nothing, definitely should review, Memeo *may* be an option
  • Google Sites - nothing ... be interested in thoughts
  • Google Video - we don't use

Having said that there's obviously a high degree of trust with
Google services from my company, WaveAdept (unsurprisingly) but that's not
something we should rely upon.

One of the "backups" would also be an alternative mail service to use if
there was a catastrophic outage with Gmail.
The key there is to not only have a service ready but ensure key contacts
are aware of it + ability to import contacts.

I use this tool to backup my gmail:

I would strongly recommend backing up contacts and calendar as well (I use a CSV export). I had a recent situation where come corruption was introduced to the calendar all day events and the birthday dates in the contacts by the synchronisation between an iPad Touch and Google Apps after an iOS4 update.

Unless someone knows how to ask Google to restore my contacts and calendar from their backup from a couple of weeks ago, I need to rely on my own backups to correct this.