Google Classroom provisioning


Crystal does the same thing as “School Directory Sync” but not only for Google but also Moodle, ETV and many other Clouds and services.
New Zealand has a variety of different SMS’s and LMS all of which have developed proprietary data management processes. This makes it very hard to develop a seamless “School Directory Sync” especially if the school has gone “serverless”.
Crystal adapts GADS (Google directory service) so as to perform optimally for the NZ educational environment.


Steps to get Classroom to populate in a Crystal environment?

  1. Setup Classroom on the Google App's side
    1. Logon to Google App's and a SuperAdmin.
    2. Activate Classroom and configure general settings
    3. Edit Google group setting of key members of this groups

  2. Crystal populates a Google group called “Classroom-Teachers” with all the schools teachers (not teacher aides) … if the “Google Classroom” service is turned on.
    Check on Crystal/Wrangler/services to make sure this is done.
    This will build the "Google Classroom" folders but will not populate them.
    The teacher can populate them manually or move to step 2.
    Email Crystal manager if unsure.

  3. The ELearning Manager the logs onto Crystal/NetAdmin/Provisioning group and defines all the Google Classrooms needed.
    This will build all the groups and populate them with the users from the SMS over night
    << This step will NOT be active until Xmas as Google have updated their interface to accommodate this process>>
    If unsure please contact Crystal to have a refresher course.

  4. Each teacher can then log on and setup their room, classroom etc

*** Crystal Admin notes ****

Provisioning Process's:

The easiest way to provision into classes is to ...

  1. take all of the students accounts and put them into a group and then add the group to the classroom.
  2. In order to be in a classroom on your domain they must have a username/account on the schools Google domain.
  3. Generate the class service using the Crystal NetAdmin "Provisioning Group Definition" and from there export it to CSV file (tab in top right corner)
  4. Once created following the group creating procedure and adding them to classroom.

Note: provisioning into one big classroom group for the school does not enable Google Classroom to work properly.
It is designed to be built as a classroom with one teacher.