Hapara Provisioning.

Hapara (Teachers Dashboard) is a LMS extension of Google Apps.
It is essential a set of scripts (see DocoPus for a manual version)

Provisioning basics ...

1: Basic provisioning is performed by the Loop. This is just provisioning users in basic groups. It cannot provision groups, classes etc.

2: Rich provisioning. This is the provisioning of Google Apps into year groups.

    • This needs the additional tear information from a SMS IAM export (UDI)
    • This option must be ticked on the Wrangler/SSO page.
    • The "provisioning Google- rich" service must be selected for this to work.
    • This option is NOT used for populating Hapara - just grouping according to 'year'.

3: Hapara provisioning. This is the live provisioning of Hapara (Teachers Dashboard)

    • This needs the additional user information from a SMS IAM export (UDI).
      This export MUST be set up before Hapara can be provisioned by the Loop.
      The Loop can set this up for you but needs Administrator or access authority first.

Hapara Provisioning.

Setting up.

  1. Set up UDI (Rich) provisioning (see above).
  2. Watch the Hapara training video
  3. Setup the "Teacher Dashboard Classes Google spreadsheet (see below) and share this with Hapara.
    Share another link to the Loop's manager (geoffs@gms.theloop.school.nz)


  4. At this point the Loop provisioning system can take over.
    It will generate a "Teacher Dashboard Students" CSV file and sends this automatically to Hapara.
    [This replaces the Google spreadsheet you would otherwise have to make manually every time you have a student change]

Administrator notes:

  • Send both Google spreadsheets manually first then automation can follow.
  • Overnight change
  • Mailbox group same as SMS or classname group.