Crystal is looking to develop a Papercut model for small schools. This is where school may use the Papercut software to manage and monitor their printing. Colleges have used this excellent software for years but recently the costs have been lowered so that serverless schools can also benefit. This service is designed for Serverless schools where they need a print management system. Keep watch on this RSS feed and/or the link below for details. 

Development notes

  • Link to notes:
  • Can Papercut work with Crystal AD? Answer No.
    Does the PaperCut server have to be a member of the domain to sync with AD?  If so, it’s a show stopper for CrystalAD schools. 
    Papercut LDAP option 
  • How does it work with LDAP?
    Except I’ve now dot down the section called “Using LDAP for user sync”  It may be possible to use this without the Papercut server being part of the domain. In fact I would say it is.   Just more complex to set up.  More like the way the IdP server works. And I don’t think we’ll need a tunnel, a port forward of 389 to the Crystal AD will be fine – limited to the Crystal Schools. 
  • Will it with the more complex Colleges?
    Do NCG use the Card/Identity Number option?  I suspect they do which is why they have the need to populate an extra AD field.
  • How many Crystal schools would be interested?