Sumdog is self populating so ...

Crystals's instrcutions
  1. A teacher (school rep) logs on to Sumdog and registers the school and sets up a admin logon.
  2. The teacher emails  the admin logon details to (Barry Benbow)
  3. He  puts the registered school name and details into the SSO server and emails back to you that all is go.
  4. He also updates the Crystal SSO records.
  5. Users now go to this logon hyperlink
    ( )
    Suggestion… put this hyperlink on your schools index page.
  6. This service is smart and users self-provisioning.
    When the user logs onto SSO then Sumdog takes that name and school and uses it to make the user a Sumdog account without asking. .

A teachers instrcutions ....

  1. Needs to log on here and establish a a user name
  2. Then establish a Institution (school).
  3. Sumdog will then give your school a special school logon address which you need to put on your Intranet somewhere.
  4. The teacher then makes up class names.
  5. The classes are populated.
    This can be by CSV file (the Loop Intranet can do this or you can get this list from your SMS).
  6. Then contact The Loop to setup and turn on SSO.

<< Note: The short names for class members MUST be exactly the same as the students network names >>

A teacher experience populating Sumdog the first time

  • When I entered the data I made an excel document of the students with only the relevant information on it.
    Then I uploaded it into Sumdog. There appeared a list, but some names were highlighted.
    This was the entire school list of juniors. The highlighted ones either had a first name or a second name in common with someone else.
    Then I put in the list of just my class.

  • Unfortunately, I picked the class that has twins in it. Once that did not work, it confirmed my suspicions that the programme would not accept repeated names.

Crystal administrator
How to setup Sumdog side. The procedure is
Log on to SumDog (
Click on the School name and select School from the drop down

Click Change under Login type

Scroll to the bottom and click Edit your Single Sign on settings

Click choose filer under Step 2 and select our IdP Metadata file (copy attached) then click Upload

All Done.  It will now show that is set as the IdP server.

Log out – Click School name in top right and Logout from the drop down.